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Computer Recycling Now Availible


Computer Recycle Now Available !!!

MDC will take your old computers, and laptops, and flat panel monitors, tear them down to their component parts and send it off to be recycled at NO COST to you

MDC will remove the computer board from your hard drive and destroy the platters (data disks) before disposal.

Bring your old PC's, Laptops, flat panel monitors and your component cards (old video cards, old modems ...etc) to MDC and let us send them to a recycle center.

 Don't throw them in a landfill, recycle them!

 Sorry we cannot take CRT Monitors or Printers!!




MDC is now accepting applications for an A+ Certified Bench Repair Technician.

The applicant will need to have his/her CompTIA A+ Certification in PC repair. They will also need to have good personal communication and people skills, be of a professional appearance, live within a reasonable distance of Monett Missouri,  and be of good character.

Click to download Employment Application


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